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Ecuador beachEcuador has a very varied climate. There a four main regions in Ecuador - each have contrasting climates, temperatures and seasons:


La Costa (Coastal Lowlands) to the west of Ecuador is usually warm, with temperatures averaging 25 Celcius. The humid rainy season is from December to May. Piedra Blanca is located between the lowlands and the highlands - the climate is very pleasant.


La Sierra (Highlands) have a much cooler climate - and temperatures vary with altitude. The average summer temperature in Quito Ecuador is about 16 Celcius.


El Oriente (Amazon region) to the east of Ecuador has a humid and rainy climate. Average daytime temperatures are around 25 Celcius. The dry season varies by region, but is usually November to Febuary.


The Galapagos Islands have a warm and relatively dry climate year round, with temperatures averaging 27 Celcius.

There is really no ideal time to go if you're planning to see more than one area of Ecuador, because the climate varies according to region. The rainy season is October-April in the Sierra (with April the wettest month) and January-April on the coast.

The coastal rainy season coincides with the warmest water currents for swimming, surfing or (in the Galapagos) snorkeling, and these are the most popular months on the coast. The June-September dry season is the most popular in the highlands: This coincides with the wettest months in the Oriente, when roads may be washed out.

Temperatures are determined more by altitude than by the calendar, so you should pack accordingly. The Oriente and Quito remain constant year-round: Quito is always moderate (lows in the mid 40s F/7 C, highs in the low 70s F/22 C), and the Amazon is always hot and humid. Lightweight clothing can be worn year-round in the Oriente and Costa, and sweaters and medium-weight jackets are always needed in the Sierra.


Whenever you visit, it's a good idea to take a sweater for the cool mornings and evenings. Layers and a waterproof/breathable jacket are a very good idea if you will be hiking in the mountains- temperatures can vary greatly and storms can blow up unexpectedly.

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