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Ecuador facts

Official name : Republic of Ecuador
Location :

The Republic of Ecuador is a country in northwestern South America, bordering the Pacific Ocean at the Equator, between Colombia and Peru

Type of government : Democratic Republic
Capital : Quito

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Geographic coordinates : 2 00 S, 77 30 W
Total land : 276,840 sq km
Total water : 6,720 sq km
Population : 13,212,742  (2004)
Independence : 24 May 1822 (from Spain)
Language :

Spanish (official), Amerindian languages (especially Quechua)

Principal cities : Guayaquil, Quito, and Cuenca
Main industries : petroleum, food processing, textiles, wood products, chemicals
Agricultural products :

bananas, coffee, cocoa, rice, potatoes, manioc (tapioca), plantains, sugarcane; cattle, sheep, pigs, beef, pork, dairy products; balsa wood; fish, shrimp

Currency : US dollar (USD)
Religion : Roman Catholic 95%
Elevation extremes : lowest point: Pacific Ocean 0 m
highest point: Chimborazo 6,267 m
Ethnic groups :

Mestizo (mixed Amerindian and white) 65%, Amerindian 25%, Spanish and others 7%, black 3%


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