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Ecuador hummingbirdThe Republic of Ecuador holds historical, cultural and natural wonders befitting an entire continent.  Straddling not only two hemispheres but also two worlds - the ancient and the modern - this tiny republic with its remnants of past civilizations and Spanish conquests offers the traveler a striking blend of landscapes, peoples and cultures.  

Ecuador has an array of vibrant indigenous cultures, well-preserved colonial architecture, otherworldly volcanic landscapes and dense rainforest.

Ecuador is one the most biologically diverse nations. The nation's drastic geographic and climatic variations have led to the evolution of thousands of species of flora and fauna, most of which thrive in habitats protected by the State and by private organizations.

Despite its tiny size, Ecuador is home to rain forests, jungles, mountains, islands, deserts, valleys, and snowcapped peaks.

One of its main attractions is the Galapagos Archipelago and its marine reserve, which contain endemic species unique to the area.

The Galapagos Islands

From islands that inspired the theory of evolution, to a valley where people live forever; from the earth to the Avenue of the Volcanoes, Ecuador excites and amazes at every turn.

Girls on the beach in the Galapagos IslandsA visit to the Galapagos Islands is the wildlife experience of a lifetime, a mind-blowing lesson in natural history set in a barren, volcanic land with a haunting beauty all its own. Here, you can swim with sea lions, float eye-to-eye with a penguin, scuba dive with hammerhead sharks, stand next to a blue-footed booby feeding its young, watch a giant 200kg tortoise lumbering through a cactus forest, and try to avoid stepping on iguanas scurrying over the lava.

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